Vegan and Gluten-free cakes that are naturally … delicious

V Delicious bakes exquisite vegan cupcakes, cookies and layer cakes that are dairy and egg-free, but absolutely full of flavour and the finest natural ingredients. Created by a small team of handpicked bakers, who are passionate about creating dairy-free baked goods; everything that comes out of V Delicious’ kitchens is both heavenly to look at and to eat.

V Delicious bakes for the whole family and believes that delicious cakes should be available to everyone, regardless of food intolerances and age. Alongside V Delicious’ core collection of vegan cupcakes, cookies and layer cakes, they also offer a celebration cake service – that is free of dairy and eggs, but full of taste and style.


A number of V Delicious baked goods can also be ordered as wheat-free. Get delicious vegan treats delivered to your door or office today.