Because they are not intolerant to delicious cakes

Baby V Delicious believes that children with food intolerances should have the right to great cake. Baby V Delicious’ range of dairy and egg-free birthday cakes, cupcakes and mini-cookies ensures that any vegan child can still enjoy all the traditional birthday party treats.

Children’s birthday cakes can be decorated with specific designs for girls or boys, and all Baby V Delicious’ products can be supplied as gluten-free. To really make your child’s party special, why not add some party poppers, balloons or candles at the checkout?

Baby V Delicious cakes however are not just for vegans and birthdays, they are the perfect treat for every child and every celebration – they are that delicious.

Baby V Delicious has created three V delicious party packages to help simplify your party preparations, however cakes and boxes of  cupcakes can be ordered individually.

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‘For any special occasion and any child, whatever their age’